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This is the vase that the Ancient Greeks put on the
Vases to tell a story and also put Greek patterns on it
I have been learning about the Ancient Olympics. We wrote a report and we were learning about the Olympics so we had to  chose a group.I chose the Ancient Olympics group.I chose the Ancient Olympics because I wanted to learn why the men competed in the nude and why the athletes got olive wreaths for a prize.I found my info from books and looking on the web.We also had to make notes in our book before we put it in our report.I made a poster and a vase.I chose a vase because the Ancient Olympics had vases that had people on them that represented a sport and the vases interested me so that is why I made one.The vase had an Ancient Greek pattern on it.I also did a poster with all my Info on it.I put brown dye on it to make it more Ancient.Here is my report:

Ancient Olympics Report.By Georgina
Do you want to know about the Ancient Olympics?Well you are very lucky because this report is about the Ancient Olympics.The Ancient Olympics is an event they had about 3,000 years ago in Olympia.Olympia was a place they had in Ancient Greece.Do you want to know more about the sports or why the men competed in the nude?Well then read on to find more facts about the Ancient Olympics!

Where the first Olympics were held.
The first Olympics,(About 3,000 years ago)was in Ancient Greece. The Olympics were named after Mount Olympus,which was in Ancient Greece and instead of not doing the first Olympics on the mountain they did it in Olympia.

Olympia had the sanctuary of Zeus. Zeus was the head of the Olympian family of Gods and Goddesses.

What sports were held in the Ancient Olympics.
Chariot Racing was one of the first sports of the Ancient Olympics. For the Chariot Racing you had to have 2,4 or 6 horses and you had a Chariot, which was the place that they stood. (The Chariot is a 2 wheeled vehicle.)

The Pentathlon was an event that had 5 sports. The sports were discus , javelin,jumping,running and wrestling.

A sport where the athletes can fight with bare hands. A Pankration is like boxing and Wrestling. The athletes could mainly do anything except for biting and pulling out people's eyes. This event must have to be the most violent sport sport in history. Some competitors were even killed by it! Even when the opponent was on the ground the other person could keep hitting.

What people competed in the Ancient Olympics.
Only men and boys were allowed to compete but unmarried Girls were allowed to watch. If married Women came to the Olympics they would get punished. The unmarried women have their own festival at Olympia every four years. The festival was called Heraia,which was named after Hera,wife of Zeus. Also if you wanted to go in the Olympics you had to be free which means you can't be a slave and you had to speak Greek.

Competing in the nude.
In 720 BC an athlete tore off his loincloth (A loincloth is like a big nappy held on by a piece of material like a belt.) because he thought it would be easier to race.He won the running race and it became a Greek tradition to compete in the nude.
What the Athletes won.
The Athletes were given olive wreaths for a prize. They got given olive wreaths because the olive leaves were sacred and from Zeus. They put the wreaths on their heads to wear. The shape of the olive wreath was kind of like a ring. Another reason they had the olive wreath was that it was a symbol of peace or victory. The olive leaves came from Mount Olympus and were Guarded by the Ancient Greek Gods on the mountain.

I hope you enjoyed my report and learnt a lot about the Ancient Olympics.I also hope this inspired you to learn more about the Ancient Olympics and to be in the modern Olympics.I hope you share the info in this report with other people.Remember the Olympics was about 3,000 years ago.Wouldn't it be awesome if you will build a time travel machine and go back to the Ancient Olympics.If you were back in those days what sport would you play?

The learning muscle that I used was interdependence.When I used it was when I did my vase.I needed some help from my teacher and then we worked together.
I really enjoyed writing my report about the Ancient Olympics because I found more about the Ancient Olympics and what they did in the Ancient Olympics.Somthing that challenged me was starting the sentences in different ways because I usually did loads of word in loads in sentences.The learning muscle I used to get out of the pit was the perseverance muscle.That means I kept trying and trying until I reached the top of the pit.
This my report presented:

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