Thursday, October 20, 2016


This is the vase that the Ancient Greeks put on the
Vases to tell a story and also put Greek patterns on it
I have been learning about the Ancient Olympics. We wrote a report and we were learning about the Olympics so we had to  chose a group.I chose the Ancient Olympics group.I chose the Ancient Olympics because I wanted to learn why the men competed in the nude and why the athletes got olive wreaths for a prize.I found my info from books and looking on the web.We also had to make notes in our book before we put it in our report.I made a poster and a vase.I chose a vase because the Ancient Olympics had vases that had people on them that represented a sport and the vases interested me so that is why I made one.The vase had an Ancient Greek pattern on it.I also did a poster with all my Info on it.I put brown dye on it to make it more Ancient.Here is my report:

Ancient Olympics Report.By Georgina
Do you want to know about the Ancient Olympics?Well you are very lucky because this report is about the Ancient Olympics.The Ancient Olympics is an event they had about 3,000 years ago in Olympia.Olympia was a place they had in Ancient Greece.Do you want to know more about the sports or why the men competed in the nude?Well then read on to find more facts about the Ancient Olympics!

Where the first Olympics were held.
The first Olympics,(About 3,000 years ago)was in Ancient Greece. The Olympics were named after Mount Olympus,which was in Ancient Greece and instead of not doing the first Olympics on the mountain they did it in Olympia.

Olympia had the sanctuary of Zeus. Zeus was the head of the Olympian family of Gods and Goddesses.

What sports were held in the Ancient Olympics.
Chariot Racing was one of the first sports of the Ancient Olympics. For the Chariot Racing you had to have 2,4 or 6 horses and you had a Chariot, which was the place that they stood. (The Chariot is a 2 wheeled vehicle.)

The Pentathlon was an event that had 5 sports. The sports were discus , javelin,jumping,running and wrestling.

A sport where the athletes can fight with bare hands. A Pankration is like boxing and Wrestling. The athletes could mainly do anything except for biting and pulling out people's eyes. This event must have to be the most violent sport sport in history. Some competitors were even killed by it! Even when the opponent was on the ground the other person could keep hitting.

What people competed in the Ancient Olympics.
Only men and boys were allowed to compete but unmarried Girls were allowed to watch. If married Women came to the Olympics they would get punished. The unmarried women have their own festival at Olympia every four years. The festival was called Heraia,which was named after Hera,wife of Zeus. Also if you wanted to go in the Olympics you had to be free which means you can't be a slave and you had to speak Greek.

Competing in the nude.
In 720 BC an athlete tore off his loincloth (A loincloth is like a big nappy held on by a piece of material like a belt.) because he thought it would be easier to race.He won the running race and it became a Greek tradition to compete in the nude.
What the Athletes won.
The Athletes were given olive wreaths for a prize. They got given olive wreaths because the olive leaves were sacred and from Zeus. They put the wreaths on their heads to wear. The shape of the olive wreath was kind of like a ring. Another reason they had the olive wreath was that it was a symbol of peace or victory. The olive leaves came from Mount Olympus and were Guarded by the Ancient Greek Gods on the mountain.

I hope you enjoyed my report and learnt a lot about the Ancient Olympics.I also hope this inspired you to learn more about the Ancient Olympics and to be in the modern Olympics.I hope you share the info in this report with other people.Remember the Olympics was about 3,000 years ago.Wouldn't it be awesome if you will build a time travel machine and go back to the Ancient Olympics.If you were back in those days what sport would you play?

The learning muscle that I used was interdependence.When I used it was when I did my vase.I needed some help from my teacher and then we worked together.
I really enjoyed writing my report about the Ancient Olympics because I found more about the Ancient Olympics and what they did in the Ancient Olympics.Somthing that challenged me was starting the sentences in different ways because I usually did loads of word in loads in sentences.The learning muscle I used to get out of the pit was the perseverance muscle.That means I kept trying and trying until I reached the top of the pit.
This my report presented:

Thursday, June 30, 2016


We have been learning about Matariki which is the Maori New Year.

Matariki is special because it is when it is the Maori New Year. There are seven stars when it is Matariki and they are called Uru-a-rangi,Tupu-a-rangi,Waipuna-a-rangi,Tupu-a-nuku,Matariki,Waiti and Waita. Our hub celebrated Matariki by doing workshops. The workshop that I did was flax weaving. Flax weaving is when you get a piece of Harakiki(Flax) and overlap them. We made flowers which were roses and another flower. These are the flowers that I made. I also did planting with Mr Cotrell. We planted our own seeds that will turn into trees.I planted a harakiki bush (Flax). 

The learning pit and learning muscles

In our hub we have this thing called the learning pit.The learning pit is when your at the start and your very excited but then you get to the bottom and you are a bit frustrated so you are in the pit.We use our learning muscles to get out of the pit.Our learning muscles are Collaboration,Perseverance,Noticing and much more.This is our picture of the learning pit.I have been in the pit at art time when I was a bit stuck on the lines and making them going on the right angle but I kept trying but that did not really work so I needed some help so I asked for some help from a teacher and I am now up to the last step.I used my collaboration muscle to get out of the pit. This is my art so far.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Mould is so disgusting but did you know that some mould is good for you?Did you know that blue vein cheese,salami,soy sauce,black tea,bree cheese and caminber are all made out of mold!Mushrooms are also related to mould but they are fungi.We had an experiment to see how much mould will grow on something.My group did cheese and the condition was temperature,Cold,cool and warm.
Here is my writing about how to create a fair test about mould. 


Fantastic furry mould! Have you ever made your own disgusting mould?

Did you know that mould can grow on food, plants, wood, cardboard and material! Also did you know penicillin is an antibiotic made out of mould, so that’s like you are drinking mould, that is so gross.You have to have a fair experiment to make mould. A fair experiment means that one thing changes and you have to have 3 conditions. I am doing temperature which is cold, cool and warm. If you want to make your own revolting mould experiment read on!

If you want to do temperature:
  • 3 pieces of the same food (except for seafood and meat because if you don’t leave it in the fridge you can get really sick.)
  • 3 snap lock bags or containers
  • Shoe box
  • Newspaper
  • Hot water bottle
  • Fridge
  • Hot water
  • Some light(Of course from a window)
  • Labels
  • Permanent marker
  • A cool place
  • Sellotape

How to make your fair experiment and we are doing cheese
1:Get your 3 plastic bags or containers and 3 labels
2:Write on one of the labels:Cold,cheese and the date
3:Get your bag or lid of container and place the label on it
4:Get another label and write:Cool,cheese and the date
5:Get your bag or lid of container and place the label on it
6:Get your third label and write:Warm,cheese and the date
7:Get your bag or lid of container and place the label on it
8:Put all the air out of the bags if you are doing a bag
9:Place a piece of cheese in each of the bags or container
10:If you are doing a bag zip it up or if you are doing a container place your lid on the container
11:Now get your shoe box and some newspaper and place some newspaper in the bottom of the shoe box.
12:Place your warm cheese in the shoe box with some hot water bottles on the top and the bottom,put your cool cheese in a space with a little bit of light and the cold cheese in a fridge

Monday, May 30, 2016


I have been learning to increase my vocab. My vocab word this week is battered. I found the word battered in a book called the Duck and the Darklings page 3. My new challenge was to add some antonyms. Antonyms are things that mean the opposite like an antonym for go is stop. I usually create my own pictures and how to  create a picture is you have to click on insert at the top and then you have to click drawing and it will come up with a blue screen and then you can draw. I am proud of my work because I tried my best and it is always fun!

What does battered mean?
Battered means old and rusty
Out of shape
‘’Dark was a sorry,spoiled place:a broken and battered place.’’
The duck and the darklings,Page 3

This house is battered.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


When I was walking in the lime green forest with the colossus trees surrounding me and the fresh green grass with a soft dirt path walking by myself I felt the hardest thing under my feet.I bent down to swipe the dirt off the hard thing...It was a wooden square trapdoor! I really wanted to find out what was down there.Creek! I opened the door.Slam! It nearly cut my feet off.I stared down Into the deep hole.There was a rope ladder that led to a little stone dungeon.Walking down the ladder I felt scared of what was in the dungeon.Creek the door opened from the dungeon and a portal opened.Seeing the portal I ran up the ladder to not get sucked in the portal but the trapdoor lid closed so I was sucked into the portal.I was so dizzy  that I felt like I was going to spew but I was at the land that the portal took me to.When I stood up to look where I  was I saw a sign that said crystal island.I was speechless I read about It In a book and It said that there were crystal fairies that were made out of real crystals,there was a dangerous crystal crocodile that lived at the crystal lake and there are other things in crystal land that are made out crystals.There was a shimmering crystal path that led to the crystal fairy kingdom so I walked on.Let the adventure begin!Once I came to the fairy kingdom I had to be quick because the fairies can sting you like a bee even though they look so pretty they are like a bee.Now the fairies are sleeping but they set up traps around the village so that if someone or something goes in the village they can capture them with there traps and put them in a far away dungeon that they cant escape from. Luckly I know the traps.The traps were comoflaged Into the city like a invisible concrete patch that you can fall through and stay there utill the fairies get you with a enourmous  net.Quietly I sneek Into the kingdom and go slow.Suddenly I fall into a trap! Riiiiiing an alarm rings and the fairies wake up and put a string net that they capture everything in over me.When I look around to see where I was. I was in the far away dungeon!Trying to get out of here I failed every way I tried.leaning back on the wall a secret passage opened.Quickly I ran into the tunnel that when I was puffed out I was there I was at the end of the village! Crystal lake was right in front of me.Quickly I tried to go as fast as I can so I don't wake up the enormous crystal lake crocodile.Walking around the lake I can see the bubbles from the crystal crocodiles nose.He was sleeping! Rising up from the lake was the crocodile waking up from his sleep.The crocodile sprinted after me and I was running for my life.When I was running I noticed a mini sparkle up in the distance but when I got closer I could see It was a…PORTAL! Running as quick as I could I jumped through the portal and ended up at the forest again!Quickly I rushed home but on the way home from the lime green forest I noticed the trapdoor that I came into. When I was near home I went to the toy store and when I went in I  saw pretend crystal crocodile toys!Quickly I went home and tried to remember if It was real?

This Is my 1st trapdoor writing and I am proud of it because it was my personal best and now I am going to tell you my return!

Now I’m sure you know my story about the trapdoor when I found a trap door in the forest,opened it up,went through the portal and got to crystal island and got chased by the crystal crocodile.I have always been visiting since my adventure.But one day when I visited the trap opened up by itself! It’s like it wanted me to return to crystal island.So I took the risk and climed down the ladder that went down to the dungeon and then...the portal opened I think it knew I was there.After the sicky ride to crystal island I landed on the ground and stood up.There it was the crystal island sign and the path to crystal kingdom.As soon as I reached crystal kingdom all the fairies were awake!They all stared at me and just kept going.Something I noticed was that there traps were gone and the fairies had no stings on there back.One of the faires came up to me and said “Hello I am Sapphire,one of the 7 gem princesess,my sisters are,Emerald,ruby gold diamond and silver but that’s the gems they are related to not there names,let me take you to a house that you can stay in for now’’said saphirre.Sapphire led me to the house and it was all made out of crystal’s.When I whent in the house it was as shiny as any crystal that I had ever seen!When It was night time it felt like a little ride on a rollercoaster. When I woke up I was staring into a….FIRE! When I looked around to see where I was small goblins were surrounding me and I was tied to a little stick under a FIRE! ‘’Hello little one,I am Zog,leader of goblin city and we are having a feast and… are invited.Everyone we capture gets invited to a feast but you don't really want to be invited’’Zog said in a creepy voice. ‘’Take her to the room!’’When we reached the room that the feast was in I  remembered that I had good unknotting skills so In untied the rope while the goblins were outside.When I was free I saw a little door that led outside to the crystal lake! I peeked outside and raced to the crystal lake.When I reached crystal lake without any goblins seeing me the crystal crocodile was sleeping with the bubbles coming to the surface from his nose.Sneaking past the crystal crocodile he awaked immediately but did not chase me but when It took a closer look...IT CHASED ME!Like last time I saw a little spark in the distance and when I got closer a portal opened and I jumped through and I got back to the forest. I felt relief I was finally back home.

I am proud of my work because It is my personal best and I know it is.I came up with this idea because when we had to write something and I thought I would do another trapdoor story.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My art

I am learning to put different shapes on my art and put them everywhere.We did a messy art that is made out of shapes.This is a mask that I made.The G is for one of my ears and the W is for my nose which is my name Georgina Willan.I did the background my favorite colors green and purple.My hair is always messy and knotty and one of my favorite patterns is stripes.

The trickiest part was putting the twink on my eye because at first the the twink would not come out but when I tried again it came out and also my hair because it would not stick down with the glue but at the end it worked.I am proud of it because the shapes were hard to cut out because they were on cardboard and all different shapes.I learnt that mixing new coulors together makes coulours that I dont know how to make.